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Conference in Oklahoma City


February 2022


Further Word on Life and Service for the Building Up of the Body of Christ


Download the message outlines here (PDF format).

Ministry Quote mentioned by brother Paul Onica in Message Five:

When the Lord Jesus comes back, the first thing He will check with us is concerning how we lived our life. I do not believe that He will be concerned mainly with our overcoming various negative things. The Lord Jesus may ask us, “What kind of life did you live? How many members have you begotten for Me? How many members in My Body have been nourished by you? How many members in My Body have been perfected by you? To what extent has My Body been built up through your prophesying?” I am very concerned that many of the saints may not be approved at the Lord’s judgment seat. I do not believe that the number of overcomers will be large. We all need to see that one day we will stand before Him to answer these four questions. Thus, we must endeavor to get into these four things: begetting, nourishing, perfecting, and prophesying. This is vital. These four things are crucial.


We suffer defeats in our Christian life because we do not live this kind of life. If we live such a life, we will be fully occupied with begetting, nourishing, perfecting, and prophesying. We will not have any time to consider anything else. 


(The Practice of the Church Life According to the God Ordained Way, p. 143)

Three critical books to read concerning the vital groups mentioned by brother Paul in Message Five, which can all be access online at
  1. Fellowship concerning the Urgent Need of the Vital Groups

  2. The Training and the Practice of the Vital Groups

  3. The Vital Groups

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