Topic: The Church — The Vision
and Building Up of the Church

Dear Churches and Families Sending Young People to the Oklahoma City Truth School


Please carefully read through the following points of information.


It is a real joy and privilege for the church in Oklahoma City to host the Truth School each summer for our young people. In addition to having our local young people and workers join, we greatly benefit by having young people and workers come to Oklahoma City from out of town and out of state. Because of the growth of the Truth School each year we need to continually review and update policies so the experience for our young people remains very positive, so you may notice some changes from previous years.

I.  Dates:  Lord’s day, July 25th through Lord’s day, August 1st


II. Registration, Fees, and Deadline

  • Registration is electronic but some documents MUST be filled out, signed, and either uploaded to the registration form or emailed to within three days of completed registration.  All required documents can be found in section VI below. 




  • Fees

-  Truth School YP: $200 for the first child in a family, $175 for each additional child

-  Truth School Workers: $100

-  Truth School Workers-in-Training (WITs): $200

  • Firm Deadline: Lord’s Day, July 11

  • Registration limit:  Take special note that we are limited to a MAXIMUM capacity of 100 young people and workers.  Once we reach 100, we will discontinue registration.  If you wait until the end of the registration window, you may not get in, so please register as soon as possible!

  • Registration Checklist:

            ❑  Online registration for YP and Workers/WITs

            ❑   Consecration Agreements

            ❑   Medical Release Form

            ❑   Release of Liability Agreements

            ❑   Payment

  • NOTE:  Your registration is not complete until you pay and submit required documents. Please do so within 3 days of registering. If we do not receive the payment and required documents, your registration will be dropped by the deadline of July 11. 

    You will receive an email confirmation within a week of payment.  If you do not receive an email confirmation within a week after payment, please contact Nancy Morgan as soon as possible, (405) 535-4778 or



III. First Day & Last Day

  • Truth School will begin on Lord’s Day afternoon, July 25. Check-in will begin at 4:30pm. Pizza and salad will be available from 5:30-6:00pm.  There will be a mandatory worker orientation at 6:00pm.

  • Truth School will conclude the following Lord’s Day, August 1st with graduation and awards around 12:15pm, followed by lunch.


IV. Worker and Car Requirements

  • Sending localities must provide one worker for every three young people for Truth School.

  • Each worker who comes must have a car to use for the entire time.

  • In extenuating situations workers may team up to each cover half of the time.  Please first fellowship regarding this by call James Kennedy at 405-314-7739 or e-mail at  If workers split the time they must:

  1. Cover the spot for the entire period of the Truth School with no gaps

  2. Be of the same gender and general maturity

  3. Have no more than two workers teaming up to cover the time

  • We encourage COLLEGE STUDENT Workers to serve with Truth School.

  • Recent High School graduates will be considered Truth School helpers (WITs), but still must pay full tuition ($200).

  • We cannot receive YP with special needs, unless accompanied by a parent as the worker. This parent cannot be counted as part of the 1:3 ratios of workers to young people and must be the same gender.

  • We expect that the workers will be committed to the Truth School including being willing to pray, serve and coordinate, and to follow all requirements (e.g., dress code) listed in the worker and WIT consecration agreements in section VI below


V. What to Bring and Not Bring to Truth School

  1. Sleeping bag or bedding

  2. Personal towel and toiletries

  3. Recovery Version of the New Testament, please bring one of the red pocket sizes if possible.

  4. Sisters must wear dresses or skirts to all morning Truth School meetings. Skirts and dresses should come two inches below the knee when sitting. Long pants may be worn during evening meetings. No shirts are allowed that require a camisole or layering to be acceptable.  High heeled shoes are not to be worn.

  5. Brothers must wear long pants in all Truth School meetings. Nice jeans are acceptable. Pants should not be too tight or baggy or have holes, cuts or patches. No hats should be worn in the meeting. Undergarments must not be showing. If this is the case, we will ask you to change your pants. Pulling your shirt down over your pants is not a solution. Brothers may not wear earrings.

  6. No sleeveless or tight-fitting shirts may be worn by either brothers or sisters at any time or place.

  7. No shirts bearing inappropriate logos or displaying improper slogans may be worn.

  8. Long loose-fitting shorts that come to the knee may be worn for recreation. Form fitting exercise pants are permitted during activity time but must be worn under shorts.

  9. No flip-flops are allowed. This includes recreation time. Tennis shoes or sneakers that do not leave black scuffs must be worn for recreation in the gym.

  10. Clothing violations will be enforced. Expect to be asked to change your clothes if they do not match the dress code.

  11. No magazines, books, iPods, MP3s, tablets, rubik’s cubes, electronic games, dice, cards, fidget spinners or pocketknives are allowed. 

  12. Cell phones may be brought for the purpose of contact with parents but will be kept and regulated by the workers. No text messaging is allowed at any time. Any smart watches will need to be given to the worker.


VI. Required Documents

  1. Medical release form

  2. YP consecration agreement

  3. Worker consecration agreement

  4. WIT consecration agreement

  5. YP release of liability

  6. Worker/WIT release of liability