Porch Meetings

Now we come to the porch itself. Ezekiel 40:48 says, “He brought me to the porch of the house, and measured each post of the porch, five cubits on this side, and five cubits on that side: and the breadth of the gate was three cubits on this side, and three cubits on that side.”


An additional point concerning the porch is that it is used as a lobby. This makes the temple easy to approach. In the church life we also should have a lobby, making it easy for others to come in. This means that we need to have an atmosphere that is stretching out and making it easy for others to contact us and touch us. Such a lobby makes the church accessible and enables us to take others in and hold them. In addition to making the temple approachable, the porch, or lobby, is a place where we can slow down, draw near, and prepare ourselves to enter the temple.  (Life-study of Ezekiel, ch. 22, Living Stream Ministry)

Basic Porch Meeting Format

  • MC to direct the flow of the meeting

  • 1 minute prayer to begin the meeting asking the Lord to bless us, etc.

  • 10 minute word on our practices from the Word of God, and how they help us in our Christian life and Church life

  • 10 minute testimony of salvation and/or coming into this "fellowship of believers"

  • 20 minute gospel word (a direct gospel word, leading everyone at the end in a prayer of salvation; also, this word should include elements that the saints can "pick up" on to emphasize, underline, highlight in their prophesying afterwards)

  • 15-20 minute prophesying by the saints on the gospel word just spoken

  • General announcements 


Letter to brothers who MC



For those of you who may MC at the Porch meetings, here are some general and basic points we would like to take care of (share), especially at the beginning of the meeting, during the first two or three songs. Of course, this shouldn't be read, but the content should be spoken somewhat naturally. 

  1. To the audience: if some are here for the first time, or are newer among us, we'd like to welcome you. We are Christians who love the Lord Jesus, and we love and honor and treasure His word. The focus of all of our meetings is the Lord Jesus Christ and our experience and enjoyment of Him, and the Bible, which is the Word of God. 

  2. We recognize that among Christian groups there may be many different kinds of practices, and the practices that you see among us may not be something that you are familiar with or are used to (like meeting in a "square" facing each other, rather than facing one way; having many different "speakers," rather than one speaker at a podium; saying "amen" more dynamically and frequently than at the end of a prayer; etc).  

    For four weeks on "Sunday" we will introduce some of our practices, and examine and hope to show you from the Scriptures that our practices, while maybe not "traditional" are in fact clearly based on the New Testament, and that these practices help us in our Christian walk and practical church life. 

  3. In addition to introducing some of our practices, each week we will have a different speaker present a short and, we hope, enlightening message from the Bible. And we will also have a short testimony from one of the believers who meet with us. 

  4. You won't see a lot of "bells and whistles," "lights and smoke," "famous preachers," musical bands, etc., among us. We try to simply and purely follow the Lord's Word. If it's in the Bible, we try our best to keep it. If it's not in the Bible, even though it may be "traditional," we set it aside. 

  5. We are happy to have you with us, and we hope that you would come again.

Example Schedules & Outlines



A Four Week Plan

Week 1 — "Meeting in mutuality" and "declaring the hymns"

Week 2 — "Saying, Amen," "calling on the Lord," and "pray-reading"

Week 3 — "Morning revival" and "prophesying"

Week 4 — "The importance and significance of the Lord's table"

Verses for Our Practices

(Verses in bold are KEY verses)

Meeting in mutuality


Declaring the hymns

Saying "Amen"

Calling on the Lord


Morning revival

The Lord's table meeting

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