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2015 Heartland Spring Conference in Milford, IA

General Topic: "The Contents of the Lord's Recovery" (from the 2015 Chinese-speaking Conference in Taipei, Taiwan)

  1. Message 1, "The Church Ground of Oneness versus Division" MP3 format, 50MB, 52 minutes

  2. Message 2, "The Church as the Organic Body of Christ— the Fullness of the One Who Fills All in All" MP3 format, 50MB, 52 minutes

  3. Message 3, "The All-inclusive Christ as the Mystery of God [technical difficulties: not recorded] 

  4. Message 4, "The Life-giving and Compound Spirit, the Divine Life in Christ, and the Divine Revelation of the Word of God" MP3 format, 60MB, 62 minutes

Spring 2014 Regional Conference, Sioux Falls, SD

Conference General Topic: "The Intrinsic Significance of the Church"

  1. Message 1, "The Father's House in John 14" MP3 format, 60.71MB, 1:06 minutes

  2. Message 2, "The Son's Vine & the Spirit's Child in John 15-16" MP3 format, 57.94MB, 1:03 minutes

  3. Message 3, "The Lord's Prayer in John 17" MP3 format, 41.62MB, 45:27 minutes

  4. Message 4, "Taking the Shepherding Way in John 21 for the Building up of the Church" MP3 format, 79.97MB, 1:27 minutes