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Brother Dan Smelser's memorial


Brother Dan Smelser's memorial was held at the meeting hall of the church in Oklahoma City on Lord's day, February 27, 2022, after the Lord's table and prophesying meetings, and before the Joint Love Feast of the churches in Oklahoma.

Memorial for Dan Smelser

Brother Levi Penner's Testimony, as well as His Memorial Service on 1/1/2019, including a Slideshow


Brother Levi's testimony was given in two parts at the meeting hall of the church in Belmopan, Belize, one on Lord's day evening October 13, 2013, and the other on Lord's day morning, October 20.

  1. Part 1 -

  2. Part 2 -

  3. Memorial Service in Oklahoma City on 1/1/2019

  4. Slideshow prepared by the family shown during the Memorial Service on 1/1/2019

James Barber's Testimony on the History of the Church

James Barber was an elder in Oklahoma City from 1978-1984, when he went to the Lord. Before that he had served with Brother Lee as a co-worker and elder in the church in Los Angeles from 1966 until he moved to Oklahoma in 1978. He was one of Brother Lee's earliest American co-workers and was faithful until he finished his course. The Lord used James in 1963, when he was BSU Director at a Baptist College in west Texas, to help gain a group of students, many of whom became very useful to the Lord's recovery throughout Texas and the USA. He felt from the Lord to resign that position on November 22, 1963, the day President Kennedy was assassinated. He moved his young family to Los Angeles in January 1964 when he was 29 years old.


After James was gone to the Lord, Brother Lee said a few months later at Brother Samuel Chang's Memorial Meeting (Brother Chang was Watchman Nee's Brother in law and an elder in the church in LA) in January of 1985 that he felt James was a "victor in Christ". James was buried in October of 1984 in Oklahoma City, but Brother Lee by that time had returned to Taiwan to begin his fellowship related to the God-ordained Way to practice the church life, and was unable to return for the Memorial Meeting.

  1. Part 1 - (YouTube)

  2. Part 2 - (YouTube)

  3. Part 3 - (YouTube)

James Barber's History of the Lord's Move in the USA shared with the church in Oklahoma City
Brad Brown

Brad Brown was an elder of the church in Oklahoma City from 1987-2003 when he went to be with the Lord. Brad helped establish the Truth School in Oklahoma City and the Rock Springs Fall YP Weekend. He was a pioneer both in Oklahoma City and the USA in YP and Church Song Tapes. He was much beloved by the YP he shepherded throughout Oklahoma over many years. He served in TAIPEI in Spring of 1987.

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